Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Rasmussen: Gravity sucks for Ohio GOP

From Scott's latest analysis [sub req'd]
How will the laws of political gravity work in the most competitive races for 2006? Overall, advantage Democrats.

. . .

The final two states--Missouri and Ohio--probably will not see much gravitational pull. Missouri might have a very slight lean to the Republican side of the aisle. But, the national political environment might cancel it out.

That leaves Ohio which would normally have a slight Republican pull. But not this year. Things are so bad for Republicans in the Buckeye State that the GOP Governor considers it good news when his Job Approval reaches 20%.

. . .

At the moment, it looks like the Ohio and Missouri races may be the ones to watch on Election Night. If they go to the Democrats, it will be a very long night in the White House. On the other hand, if DeWine and Talent can use the benefits of incumbency and other resources to stave off defeat, Democrats will once again be grousing about missed opportunities.


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