Friday, September 22, 2006


Rope-a-dope: Jon Riskind edition

And what a lazy waste Jonathan Riskind continues to be:
Tom McKell, of Chillicothe, a retired Verizon executive and a Republican, said he doesn’t think Democrats will be able to saddle Padgett with Ney’s baggage because she is well-known and respected in her own right.

"She obviously was the best candidate" to take Ney’s place, and Ney "wasn’t the only one who thought that," McKell said. "It is ridiculous to call her a ‘hand-picked’ candidate."
First, as any politically active person from Chillicothe can tell you, the McKell clan has nothing to do with Verizon. Thomas along with Robert, Phoebe, Joseph and William own Horizon Telcom, not Verizon.

Second, Tom McKell isn't just a "republican" voter. He and his family are Republican heavy hitters and major contributors. They are part of the "old" money in Chillicothe with roots in banking and trade, besides telephones. Everyone grew up knowing one McKell or another.

From a business standpint, the McKells have long made politicians in their region remember which side their bread is buttered on.

The same goes for the family's more "recreational interests." For example, the McKell Library received a $200,000 grant in 2003 from the Governor's Office of Appalachia for a new Heritage Center.

Guess who was director of the Office of Appalachia and announced the grant?

Joy Padgett! You get the drift.


Moving on, we've done a lot of political campaign work in the Cambridge-St.Clairesville region, but we've never spent a long time there. The political connections are, therefore a little more mysterious to us.

We also don't claim to know Paulette Kachilla or the Kachilla family at all, but given the quality of Riskind's reporting, we got even more curious when we read his quote from Paulette:
[Ney] came to Cambridge and shook hands and looked me right in the eye.
That sounded familiar. Hmmm . . .
Then a post by another Ohio blogger Yellow Dog Sammy stimulated that elusive memory neuron for us:
Padgett said she had no doubts about Ney’s innocence: “I looked him in the eye,” she said. “We’ve talked. If he says to me that he is going to be cleared of all of this, then I believe him.”
Probably just coincidence.

Still, when is the Dispatch going to stop paying Riskind salary when he phones in crap like this. What was the last Washington news bureau to take the Ney fiasco seriously? The Dispatch's Is this continuing embarassment worth it just to keep Vic Goodman & family happy? Huh?


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