Friday, September 29, 2006


Sour Note

Journamalism, The Note [sorry - douchebag coma] The Fix style:
If voters' snappishness is unmistakable, its impact remains far from clear. Take Laurie Pitcock. She lives in Ney's district and said she is dismayed by Republican inaction on environmental issues and other matters. Even so, she said, "I am still proud to be a Republican."

Her reaction was a commonplace one in these nine districts - people expressed disgust with the Republican leadership in Washington but not necessarily toward the Republicans representing them.
Where did Cillizza go to get this "commonplace reaction"? Well unless you have a good memory for names and read his piece from earlier in the week, you wouldn't know that he found Pitcock at Laura Bush's fundraiser for Joy Padgett:
While waiting for the First Lady to arrive, we talked to a number of folks who had paid between $100 and $1,000 to attend the event. We wanted to find out whether the scandals surrounding Ney and Ohio Gov. Bob Taft (R), who will leave office at the end of his current term, will have any impact on their vote.

. . .

Laurie Pitcock, anoither Granville resident, said the constant barrage of negative news about politicians and the increasing levels of partisanship have left her increasingly disillusioned about the two parties. "I'd love to get beyond party lines and get things done," said Pitcock. She added that on some issues - like the environment - she aligns with Democrats, but on the issues most crucial to her the Republican party still better represents her view.

She was not alone. Several other attendees said that no matter how unhappy they might be with Ney, Taft or Republicans in general the alternative is not palatable.
So, somehow, Cillizza on "Day 9" of his big bad trip into wilderness runs across the same person as on "Day 7"? And, he fails to 1) find a someone (the majority of voters in OH-18) who are not thrilled about Padgett or the GOP, and 2) fails to disclose that the person he features in a recycled interview is a partisan donor?

Come to think of it, how idiotic is it of Cillizza (or the editors that approved it) to be asking attendees at a Padgett fundraiser if Ney-gate is going to change their vote?

We hear that the message went something like this:
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Whadda tool.


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