Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Tomorrow: the death of a campaign.

Taxin' Ted has backfired. Totally.

Coupled with the latest Rasmussen results that show when it comes to taxes, Ohioans trust Democrats more than Repubs, we think it's clear that the more Blackwell, DeWine and Pryce make an issue out of taxes, the more it benefits Strickland, Brown and Kilroy (and obviously many others). They are too dumb to realize that taxes have turned into a positive issue for the Democrats.

Anyway, on Monday it was Rasmussen delivering the first of the final strikes (54 Strickland, 35 Blackwell.

Today it was Quinnipac delivering the second of the final strikes (55 Strickland, 34 Blackwell)

Tomorrow brings another major poll that we expect will provide the third and final strike (watch this space for details) for the Blackwell for Governor folks. Bennett has pulled his money, and KB is now on his own.


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