Thursday, September 21, 2006


Who do Ohioans trust?

We agree with one of our readers that there has not been enough attention paid to the "buried" data in the latest Rasmussen Poll, so we it below.
Which party do Ohiaons trust on handling national security?
44% Repub
47 % Democrat

Who do Ohioans trust on Iraq?
40% Repub
50% Democrat

Who do Ohioans trust on the economy?
37% Repub
55 % Democrat

Who do Ohioans trust on immigration?
36% Repub
46 % Democrat

Who do Ohioans trust on taxes?
36% Repub
51 % Democrat
They have profound, positive implications for every progressive campaign in Ohio, but they are also somewhat counter-intuitive. By counter-intuitive, we don't mean that there were no progressive candidates attempting to say some of these things, but we felt there was a still a lot of hesitancy to fully believe this stuff. Indeed we seven different people working on key campaigns to predict the results of these questions and not one guessed more than two correctly.

This needs to be permanently posted at the ODP website. Hell, if they would do that, then we could easily forgive them for their uncredited swipes from us.

People - grok this stuff! Don't give us that bullshit about how, "This is what I've been saying all along." The campaigns are still way to defensive and intent on looking "reasonable" to the media. They are still too worried about "plans." Screw the plans. Announcing new plans is transparently pandering and only a big concern to editors and reporters who are totally disoriented about how to cover the political changes going on.

The solution is to get on the offensive and stay on the offensive, and as Satchel used to say, "Don't look back!"


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