Monday, September 18, 2006


Wingnut scum

Slamming reporters: no big deal

Slamming reporters and suggesting the are supporting "traitorous agenda": stupid

Slamming reporters, suggesting they support a "traitorous agenda" and linking to home address: Unspeakably unhinged.

(And we wouldn't care how public the information was, we'd be calling the cops on these fucktards.)

UPDATE I: One of our readers correctly suggests that this might be a perfect opportunity for the Statehouse Press Corps to support their colleague and ask Kenny Blackwell and Bob Bennett about whether the GOP supports the idea of publishing the home address of reporters they have a beef with.

You know, like at the debate on Sept. 20. Might be a good opportunity . . .

And anyone can suggests questions here.

UPDATE II: Russell correctly points out that this is not a new development but a extension of a conscious SOP.

Again, RAB is ass scum. And while were at it, let us not forget to say 'fuckyou' to Bob Bennett for letting these sick nazi genies out of the bottle. Bob - in case you haven't notice they are turning on you, too. They're the moles in your campaign. And they will gnaw you away. We'd gladly entertain a visit from old mister cancer before we'd ever let this pricks into our house.


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