Saturday, October 28, 2006


Blackwell: Small type operator on exit surveys

Kenny Blackwell

Kenny just can't resist playing his games:
ABC, CNN, CBS, Fox News, NBC and The Associated Press sued Monday, arguing that Secretary of State J. Kenneth Blackwell’s latest directive, which stated that loitering and delaying voters were prohibited, was confusing. Later, and in smaller type, Mr. Blackwell’s order noted that the polling practice was legal.

The judge, Michael H. Watson of Federal District Court, ordered the new rules last month when he struck down Mr. Blackwell’s 2004 order against polling voters within 100 feet of a voting place.

The news outlets had asked Judge Watson to spell out the rules for county election boards and to force Mr. Blackwell to post them so members of the news media could interview voters leaving polling places on Nov. 7.

In his decision Friday, Judge Watson needled Mr. Blackwell’s office for noting the judge’s earlier decree in smaller type but said the posting was still legal.
Here's what they were complaining about:

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