Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Boyko belts Blackwell

Some days, when it rains it pours:
A federal judge on Wednesday blocked a new law that would have required naturalized citizens to show their citizenship papers if questioned by poll workers.

U.S. District Judge Christopher Boyko blasted the new law, saying it would have treated naturalized citizens as "second-class Americans."

"This gives poll workers the uninhibited right to choose the person to challenge based on their accent, look, manners or whatever they feel like on that given day," Boyko said, while granting a permanent injunction blocking the provision. "You could have poll workers decide they want to target Arab-Americans, Asian or African-Americans on any given polling day without guidelines."
In public, Blackwell and his gang liked to talk trash about this case:
“Jesse Jackson should stop tying up our courts and stop wasting Ohio taxpayers’ dollars,’’ said James Lee, a spokesman for Blackwell.

“The point should not be lost that Secretary Blackwell is on the ballot this year and political operatives think they can score points against him with this political stunt.”
But, as often happens when you start calling the bluff of a federal judge, you get a sudden whiff of reality, regardless of how "nuts" you might be on occasion. And when you want to pull off a total flip-flop, why not do it in the dark of night?:
Lawyers for the Secretary of State Ken Blackwell did not oppose the request for an injunction. They filed a memo overnight stating that Blackwell is prepared to instruct poll workers that they cannot ask people for proof of citizenship when they go to vote next month.


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