Monday, October 23, 2006


BWC pantomimes DeWine, Voinovich probe

As we've noted before, keep your eye on the latest scandal at BWC. From the Drew Crew:
When the Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation received an allegation in June that staff for two Republican officeholders tried to aid a politically connected firm that manages the care of injured workers, the bureau didn't investigative for three months.

On Sept. 12, a bureau fraud investigator made one phone call, and then closed the case, satisfied that the accusation was "unfounded." The bureau never contacted the elected officials or their staff, subpoenaed phone records, or requested any documents.

. . .

The claim, which focused on the offices of U.S. Sens. George Voinovich and Mike DeWine, was examined by the bureau's fraud task force because, if substantiated, it could have amounted to a violation of the bureau's regulations that govern its managed-care organizations.

. . .

An investigator, Kris Sharp, made one phone call on the case - on Sept. 12, four days after a Blade investigation showed the bureau's managed care program had been a source of campaign contributions for top state Republicans, and some Democrats.
Agent Sharp spoke with Steve Millard, COSE's executive director, who confirmed that a COSE employee "received an inquiry phone call from someone who stated they were affiliated with the senator's office regarding CareWorks."

Mr. Millard told the investigator he didn't know who took the call at COSE.

Contacted by The Blade, Mr. Millard said he did know which employee took the call but would not identify that person.
Maybe if we had left a message saying we were shopping for an MCO, we bet we could have gotten someone from Mikey's office to return our call back during the Social Security attempted robbery.


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