Friday, October 20, 2006


CQ: OH-2, OH-12 in play

Maybe this has been blogged to death already and we just missed it, but Congressional Quarterly haved moved up the chances for the Dems in the 2nd and 15th CDs (via Greg Sargent at the TPMCafe): has moved the contest in the Cincinnati area’s 2nd Congressional District — which pits first-term Republican Rep. Jean Schmidt against Democrat Victoria Wulsin, an epidemiologist — into the highly competitive Leans Republican category from the Republican Favored category.

This has emerged as one of the sleeper races in this year’s national contest for control of the House.

. . .

The willingness of the 79-year-old Shamansky — who won a House election in 1980 but was unseated two years later — to invest a sizable sum of his own money in his challenge to three-term Republican Rep. Pat Tiberi has spurred to change its rating on the race to Republican Favored from Safe Republican.

Tiberi remains a heavy favorite to win re-election. Though he faced a competitive open-seat election when he first ran for the House in 2000, he has twice coasted to re-election over meager competition.

But the 12th, overall, would not be mistaken for a Republican stronghold: Bush only edged Democratic challenger John Kerry here by 51 percent to 49 percent.

Enter Shamansky, who is waging a well-funded effort, mainly because of the personal wealth he can bring to bear on the campaign.


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