Monday, October 30, 2006


Dann, Montgomery watching new BWC problems

Uh-oh: From Gongwers:
Sen. Dann said he has been told that the BWC, which is withholding an audit of workers’ compensation rate-setting procedures pending its completion, had actually finished the review but reopened it upon receiving his public records request in order to keep it under wraps.

BWC spokeswoman Nancy Smeltzer said that isn’t the case. “The audit is not done,” she said. “As soon as it is done, it will be released.”

Sen. Dann (D-Liberty Twp) said he asked for the documents after receiving a tip from a BWC staff member who claimed that lawmakers and others had sought special treatment in the rate-setting process for their constituents. He could not, however, identify the lawmakers or the tipster, saying only that the informant claimed to be a BWC employee.

The bureau sets rates for individual private and public employers that pay into the system based on the fre-quency of injuries in the workplace and other factors.

Mr. Mabe said in his letter to Mr. Dann that he requested the rate audit be expedited. He also told the law-maker that additional information he had requested would not be released because it’s considered “confidential law enforcement” documentation that’s part of a broader ongoing investigation of BWC’s investments and operations.

State Auditor Betty Montgomery, Mr. Dann’s opponent in the Nov. 7 election for attorney general, is equally concerned about the “troubling information” coming out of the BWC, spokesman Mark Weaver said.


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