Friday, October 20, 2006


Desparate, pathetic . . . and lost!

The Kamikaze Krew has a new member, and you just can't make this stuff up. From the Dispatch, Pryce acts like a 7-year-old instead of a 7-termer:
Under gray skies, a flatbed truck decorated with Pryce posters pulled up to the corner of Fourth and Long streets, blasting a song by 1970s and '80s rock warhorses Van Halen. Tailing the truck in an SUV, Pryce waved to supporters before stepping onto the back of the truck to challenge Kilroy to a "sidewalk debate" on the merits of Medicare Part D.

. . .

"Is Mary Jo Kilroy in the crowd? Is Mary Jo Kilroy in the crowd?" Pryce called oout. "Well maybe she'll show up another time."

. . .

"What kind of 14-year incumbent challenges her opponent to take it outside?" Kozar asked. "It's a desparate stunt by a desparate candidate who knows she's going to lose."
And, uh, Debster, Kilroy's campaign office moved two months ago. It's now about 5 miles north in the middle of Clintonville.


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