Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Enquirer: Brunner 'essential'

Given the political bent of the Enquirer and that Hartmann is from Cincinnati, this is an enormous boost for Brunner:
"The secretary of state should only take credit for running a clean election," Brunner told The Enquirer Editorial Board.

Brunner has also clearly articulated a plan to better recruit and train poll workers, expand the pool of registered voters and equally distribute and regulate the use of voting machines.

Ohio has already seen lawsuits challenging its changes to the elections process and should expect more. Brunner's experience as a special prosecutor on election fraud and her years as special counsel to the secretary of state will make her especially effective in dealing with these challenges. She helped communicate state regulations to the state's 88 county boards of elections and knows firsthand the need for improved communication and consistency among those boards.

Brunner also says she'll protect Ohioans' private information and help identity-theft victims recover more quickly from the crime.

Brunner sees the connection between efficiency and integrity in such areas and a state's ability to support economic development. She says sharpening up the secretary of state's Web site - expanding the number of forms that can be filed online, for example, or compacting registration requirements - will also make the state more business-friendly.

It's part of the mature, comprehensive perspective Brunner brings to the office, developed over years of solid service and rare expertise in election issues.


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