Sunday, October 15, 2006


GOP meltdown starts in Ohio?

From the editors of the Economist:
The Buckeye State is America in miniature.

It has a depressed northeastern corner around Cleveland and Akron, where jobs lost from steel mills and tire plants have never been replaced.

It has a poor, rural southeast in the foothills of the Appalachians, rich rolling agricultural land around Toledo in the northwest and a prosperous services economy based in Columbus, the fast-expanding state capital.

On most metrics, from percentage of Protestants to education spending per child, the state is close to the national average.

So it's not surprising that when it votes, Ohio mirrors the nation. In the past century, it has voted for the winning president on all but two occasions.

If past form continues to hold good, the Republican party ought to be deeply worried.

On Nov. 7, Ohio's Republicans look certain to lose the governor's mansion; an incumbent senator is in grave danger of losing his seat; and as many as three Republican-held seats in the House of Representatives could turn Democratic.

Roll that outcome out across the country and you're looking at a meltdown.


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