Thursday, October 26, 2006


Kilroy, Shamansky get SNP endorsement

The mini-empire of Max Brown's Suburban News Publications (e.g., The Booster, The Other Paper, Columbus Monthly, Columbus CEO) is not big enough to think of itself as a king-maker the way the Wolfe family does. Still, the SNP's total circulation is enormous and these publications probably reach more households in central Ohio than the Dispatch. Moreover, the SNP's community newspapers have found a successful formula of local schools, sports and community activities that put it in touch with middle class sensibilities, and The Other Paper has (so far) outlasted its competition to serve the enormous 16-30 year old culture/entertainment/politics/gossip market.

With this in mind, it is significant but not entirely surprising (the SNP endorsed Kerry in 2004) that the SNP has stiffed Tiberi and Pryce and thrown its support behind Mary Jo Kilroy and Bob Shamansky:
[T]his election should not be about which candidates can scavenge the most pork for Central Ohio. It should be about the role of Congress in setting the national agenda and providing checks and balances on the White House. If you believe the nation will be best served by returning to Congress a majority of Republicans who will compliantly do the bidding of the Bush administration, then it makes sense to re-elect Pryce and Tiberi. Both have obediently supported Bush at every turn. And the President values such loyal service -- witness his recent, big-bucks campaign fundraising trip to New Albany on behalf of Pryce.

If you think the Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld administration has our nation on the right track in Iraq, in Afghanistan, in Iran, in North Korea, in Darfur and the world's other trouble spots, then by all means vote to send Pryce and Tiberi back to Washington. If you think Bush's trillion-dollar deficits and gargantuan appropriations bills are making our economy stronger, vote for Pryce and Tiberi. You'll get two more years of the same.

If, on the other hand, you believe that it's time for a change -- time for a Democratic majority in the House of Representatives to rein in the Bush administration's excesses and check its wrong-headed policies -- then you should join Suburban News Publications in supporting challengers Mary Jo Kilroy in the 15th District and Bob Shamansky in the 12th District.

. . .

Because of the crucial issues facing this country today, at home and around the world, the choices in these two races couldn't be more clear:

A vote for Pryce or Tiberi is a vote for George W. Bush and the status quo.

A vote for Kilroy or Shamansky is a vote for change.

The editors also took a swing at folks on Third Street:
What was glaringly absent from the Dispatch endorsement was discussion of the critical national and international issues facing the nation, and the roles Pryce and Tiberi have played in confronting - or, more accurately, not confronting - those issues and the policies of President George W. Bush. Incredibly, the lengthy editorial never even mentioned the President's name. Boiled down to basics, the Dispatch seemed to be saying: "To hell with the country; bring us more pork!"


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