Thursday, October 19, 2006


Let's get ready to rumbbbbble!

Damn, we love the smell of desparation in the morning.

Mikey continues to play Kamikaze without a joystick, and his campaign is slow to catch on to what a tactical blunder it is. From Stephen Koff at the PD's Openers:
Sen. Mike DeWine's reelection campaign this morning was still showing its commercial with a woman accusing Sherrod Brown of not paying an unemployment tax bill for 12 years. The claim is false; a paperwork mixup is to blame and the state of Ohio confirms that Brown paid his tax bill long ago.

DeWine campaign spokesman Brian Seitchik reiterated this morning, "The ad will be changed as soon as possible." That is at least more than the Republican National Committee is doing. The RNC wants to keep its similar ad up, although Brown attorneys have warned television stations that the ad is "false and libelous."
Koff also punches a few new holes in DeWine's evaporating credibility by getting the background on the woman Mikey uses in his ad to falsely raises the "12-year lien":
Broyles, of Xenia, is a family friend of DeWine and, she says, "I watched him grow up."

So the claim?

"I just listened to Mike and what he had to say and what he has learned." She would not comment further.
And Koff predicts that there will be some serious blow-back and slapddown tonight from Sherrod:
Remember the House banking scandal, when House members were writing overdrafts with impunity? Try that with your bank sometime. Actually, don't.

Anyway, DeWine was in the House then. If you can count to 31, you can count his number of overdrafts, on checks totaling more than $13,000, according to press accounts at the time.


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