Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Mason-Dixon: Strickland and Brown with large leads

Polling done on behalf of McClatchy-MSNBC shows strong upward trend for both:
Democratic Rep. Sherrod Brown led incumbent Republican Sen. Mike DeWine by 48-40 percent. Three weeks ago, Brown led by 45-43 percent.

Ohio is the one state in which Iraq isn't the top issue. Voters there rank the economy and jobs as their top concern, reflecting the retrenchment of the U.S. auto industry and its impact on Ohio assembly plants and parts suppliers. It also reflects years of losing manufacturing jobs.

Voters who say the economy is their top issue support Brown by 53-35 percent. Iraq is a close second, and Iraq voters support Brown by better than 3-1.

Breakout: Brown owes his lead in part to the fact that he's holding his base - drawing 84 percent of Democrats - while tapping into DeWine's by winning 18 percent of Republicans. He also benefits from a gender gap: He leads among women 53-36, while he and DeWine split the male vote.
The poll showed Strickland +20. Ffantastig!


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