Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Minimum logic

From today's Gongwers (sub. req'd):
According to OBM, “Record keeping and other administrative costs could increase due to an expanded definition of employees and expanded access to employee records.”

“The proposal would also potentially increase enforcement costs because the Ohio Department of Commerce and state courts may need to process increasing numbers of cases,” OBM stated.

. . .

“This confirms what Issue 2 opponents have been saying since the measure was placed on the Nov. 7 ballot,” OTPPP chairman Ty Pine, state director of the National Federation of Business/Ohio, said in a news release.
Leaving aside all the "coulds" and "mays" in the OBM projection, the NFB's response essentially boils down to this goofiness: "Oppose the Minimum Wage increase because government might have to spend a little more to enforce it."

Actually, the OBM report itself, is a joke and an attempt to walk a political tightrope. The document doesn't actually estimate these increased costs. It does however acknowledge that 1) increased enforcement may not occur if there is an increase in the federal Minimum Wage because complaints would be policed by the U.S. Dept. of Labor (and therefore Ohio enforcement costs may actually fall), and 2) enforcement costs were rising already because the number of reported violations of the existing Minimum Wage have increased recently.


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