Friday, October 13, 2006


More on Blackwell's advertising plan

Yesterday, the Blade reported that Kenny was pulling ads in the Toledo area, at least until just before Election Day.

Today's Gongwer Report (sub. req'd), suggests that ads may be being pulled statewide until late October:
Responding to reports that the campaign was reeling it in for now and waiting for late October to begin spending what’s left of its war chest on TV ads, spokesman Carlo LoParo said the speculation is partially true.

“It’s not that we had time reserved and took it out,” Mr. LoParo said. In fact, he said the campaign pur-chased November TV airtime early on in anticipation of a crush of political advertisements late in the game.
Of course, part of what's driving this decision is the collapse of Kenny's campaign. But there appears to be more to this than just not being able to pay the bills, and we suspect that LoParo isn't being coy when he says "the speculation is partially true."

Bob Bennett and the GOP have long abandoned the governor's race. They are, however, trying to cut their losses. Bennett figures if the Repubs are going to be competitive in the Secretary of State and Auditor races, not to mention the slew of General Assembly races, the hard core GOP base and the conservative vote must be compelled to come out on election day.

He may be a loser, but Bennett is still going to make sure that Kenny's remaining money will be focused to this effort. Blackwell said as much earlier this week:
Mr. Blackwell, trailing Rep. Strickland by 14 percentage points in the latest independent poll (see separate story), said he would make moral values the centerpiece of the month that remains before the election.

. . .

“But I do think this is an opportunity to say something to the Ohio people. Mr. Strickland says that our taxes are right and our values are wrong. I believe just the opposite. I think that our values are right and our taxes are wrong. That’s the contrast between me and Ted Strickland,” Mr. Blackwell said.

“(We’re) going to wage a campaign for the next month based on that distinction and I think Ohioans will go with the fellow who’s willing to stand up for their values and change their economy now for the better,” he said.

“I don’t blame our state’s rich tradition of stopping abortion on demand and defining marriage as between one man and one woman as the reason folks are not investing in our state,” he said. (Gongwer Ohio Report, October 10, 2006)
There is a certain sick logic in Bennett's strategy and the doomed fogey seems to be determined to go down fighting.


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