Thursday, October 05, 2006


More squirming in Joysville

Zack Space:
Congressional candidate Joy Padgett has announced that she will be bringing in Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert to the 18th District for a campaign fundraiser on October 9th. Cost to attend the reception totals $250 per couple or $500 for couples who wish to have a photo taken with Hastert.

"The fundraiser with Hastert is another example that Padgett continues to align herself with the wrong agenda in Washington. Congress should be protecting children, not their political allies. We must protect America’s children from sexual predators through internet safety legislation that blocks children's access to sexually explicit and inappropriate websites. I renew my call on Padgett to join me in asking Hastert to step down from Congressional leadership," said Space.
Actually, we're hoping that Hastert might stop in for photo ops with all of the GOP's Ohio delegation.


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