Thursday, October 26, 2006



Jeez. We realize an apologize has been made, but why does this guy still have his job after giving this bumbling explanation?
He said after Sunday's game, he complained to John Elffers, president of the Hudson Hawks Youth Football Association, who sent him a letter apologizing for the fans' actions.

Elffers, however, said the first complaint he heard came Monday when Saffold called him and said parents of Shaker players were offended. Elffers said he doubted supporters meant to be offensive.

"Their actions, albeit unwise, foolish and insensitive, were meant to be totally supportive and not intended to insult or offend anyone in any way," Elffers wrote in his letter to Saffold.
"Supporters" - presumably adults since this is a football league of ten-year olds - of the HHYFA wore Afro wigs, painted their faces, and yelled "nigger" throughout the game.

But, hey, apparently those ultra-sensitive types in Shaker Heights just don't get this part of a proud pee-wee football tradition:
Elffers said the Hudson teams have played in the league for 15 years and have not received previous complaints about the costumes, even against other teams with black players.


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