Friday, October 13, 2006


Ney 'guilty,' but doesn't resign

Looks like we'll still have Bob Ney to kick around for a while longer.
Inside the courtroom, Huvelle spent nearly a half-hour asking the sandy-haired, red-faced congressman a series of questions about whether he understood the charges and agreed that he had taken money, gifts and favors in return for official actions on behalf of Abramoff and his clients.

At the end she asked him how he pleaded to the conspiracy count, he replied, "I plead guilty your honor."

Asked how he pleaded to the count of false statements, he replied, "I plead guilty, your honor."

Mark Touhey, Ney's lawyer, told the judge the congressman would resign from office before sentencing on Jan. 19. His term in Congress expires before then, though, at noon on Jan 3.


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