Friday, October 20, 2006


Nobody likes Kenny anymore

It's pathetic that when you're in your final weeks, when you're in your "strongest" area, and when you've called in your biggest blowhards, only a handful come out:
At a rain-soaked rally, Republican gubernatorial candidate Ken Blackwell told about 200 supporters Thursday that he does not question Democrat Ted Strickland's sexuality but does fault him for not "standing up" as a congressman for sexually abused children.

"I don't care what his sexual preference is," Blackwell said at Blue Ash's Veterans Memorial Park, where about 50 protesters ringed the pro-Blackwell crowd, booing and shouting throughout his speech.

Compare this to Strickland's recent rally with 1,500 in Columbus that didn't rely on paid commentators:
Ted Strickland rally 10/18/06

Ted even had a "choir" that brought a special air of jubilation to the throng:


By the way, we heard Kilroy rocked Wednesday night, too:

Mary Jo Kilroy at Strickland Columbus rally 10/18/06


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