Tuesday, October 31, 2006


P&G exec's ties to Blackwell, shady CommonSense group surfacing

Nathan Estruth, this is your day!

Let's start at the Nashville Post story that nails the Proctor and Gamble guy to the latest round of push-polls:
Going to the website mentioned in the ad turns up little information about the sponsors, who identify their cause as "Common Sense Ohio" at the end of the ad.

"Common Sense Ohio" is headed by Cincinnati-based Procter & Gamble executive Nathan Estruth. Estruth recently came under fire when he told a Cleveland Plain Dealer reporter that he was an independent but Republican-leaning voter who went to see Ohio Democratic gubernatorial nominee Ted Strickland speak, but was "put off by his partisan rhetoric." In actuality, Estruth is a longtime supporter and financial backer of GOP gubernatorial nominee Ken Blackwell.
But don't stop there. The E Pluribus Media folks have really started to yank on this piece of yarn and the story is unraveling:
[W]e found Common Sense to be the common element among websites targeting push polling inn several states.

In fact, the Maryland and Ohio Common Sense domains and the site of Common Sense 2006 all have the same IP address as does Commonsensetennessee.com, Since he's featured prominently on commonsense2006.org, it's of little surprise to see the personal website of Nathan Estruth among the 29 websites, including that of GOPforce, assigned to the same IP address.


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