Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Pryce's and Ohio's economy

Some new data proves Deb just makes her shit up:

Picture 1

Or, there is the truth, such as recent information on unemployment:
A new report from the Department of Labor said one of every 17 Ohioans is out of work, and Ohio has lost 195,000 manufacturing jobs over the last five years.
And we have this on housing:
Ohio remains in the top 10 among states with the highest foreclosure rates as the national average jumps 63 percent over last year, one market watcher reported Wednesday.

In its monthly report, RealtyTrac Inc. said Ohio went from posting the seventh-highest rate among the states to ninth with 6,794 properties entering some stage of foreclosure last month, down 9 percent from August but up 17.2 percent from a year earlier. Ohio had one property in foreclosure for every 704 households, research firm said.
Maybe this stuff should be brought up in the debate.


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