Thursday, October 05, 2006


Pryce's word games and guilt

The dodge is clearly on. This failure of leadership story is about when GOP bosses knew that Foley had a problem with pages and underage males, not just the most recent IMs.

It's clear that Foley was being openly gay-baited and pedophile-baited during his aborted 2003 Senate campaign, and that pages were being warned to steer clear of him as far back as 1995. As one of Foley's personal confidants, it is not credible for her to claim that she was unaware of the 2003 accusations.

Yet Pryce is trying to create a loophole for herself by making the IMs the focal point:
Pryce, who said she learned late last week of e-mails between Foley and former pages, said yesterday that House GOP leaders "deferred to the Louisiana parents and should not have done that. And they didn’t include enough people, for instance, no Democrat."

. . .

[A]nyone who was aware of these instant messages needs to take responsibility. Anybody who had knowledge of that needs to step down."
Needless to say, as House GOP Conference Chair, she is one of those GOP leaders.

Apparently her conscience has been eating at her for some time because Deb hinted at this turn of events over a year ago:
"The political situation for Republicans both in Washington and especially Ohio is just dreadful," she said. "In my short political life I’ve never seen it so dire."

The Upper Arlington Republican said the unexpectedly close race in Ohio’s 2nd Congressional District this week — a Democratic challenger came within 4 percentage points of winning the heavily GOP area — is a harbinger of the difficulty Republicans at all levels will face at the polls.

"It’s gonna get a lot worse," she said. "It’s not just about golf outings." [emphasis added]


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