Saturday, October 14, 2006


Sloppy seconds

Infotainment! (Can't find a link for this yet):
TV-Election Coverage: A study released Thursday showed that television stations in a handful of Midwestern markets dedicated an average of 36 seconds of their 30-minute news programs to election coverage.

Studying coverage provided in Chicago, Cleveland, Columbus, Detroit, Lansing, Madison, Milwaukee, Min-neapolis and Springfield, the University of Wisconsin’s NewsLab found stations devoted little time to cam-paign news during the month that follows the traditional Labor Day election season kick-off.

Of the election stories airing on Cleveland network affiliates, 62% focused on strategy and the “horserace,” while 21% focused on issues. Nearly one-third of the Cleveland stories centered on the governor’s race.

Stories aired on Columbus affiliates focused on strategy 60% of the time and 21% were dedicated to issues. The Columbus market saw more focus on U.S. House races than any other campaign.
We'll do the math for you. 21% of 36 seconds equals 7.56 seconds for "issues."

That darn liberal media.


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