Thursday, October 12, 2006


The Social Security document Pryce wants you to forget about

With the OH-15 debate only hours away, we thought it might be helpful to remind everyone of Deb's 'ancient history' and the bamboozlement playbook she put together to privatize Social Security.

Pryce's Communicationg Social Security Reform

Deb's playbook even has several "sample" speeches, constituent letters, a powerpoint presentation.

Deb doesn't want the press corps to see this handiwork of hers and hopes that they continue to let her get away with the 'ancient history' malarky and an attitude that she was just a bit player. In fact, Pryce was quarterbacking the team and, although most of the plays were being called in from the sidelines by Rove & Luntz, Deb eagerly wanted to be the one who directed the GOP team in the field to deliver the big lie about Social Security.

And like the loyal GOP team member that Deb is, she'll try to throw this bomb again if she get's the chance.


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