Thursday, October 19, 2006


Sphincter tightening in Deb's world

Squeesh! Rep. Rodney Alexander:
"It's quite apparent from some of the reports out there that there are many people that know what we know and have known it for a lot longer period of time than we've known."
At one level, Alexander if certainly refering to page sponsors. But at this point in his interview, Alexander appears to be choosing his words carefully and has made a very broad comment here.

Hmmm, let's play profiler and think about whom else Alexander might be talking about. Our guess about someone who could fit the bill is:
1) someone in leadership, having access to internal party information
2) someone who knew Foley closely for an extended period
3) someone who regularly attended social functions with Foley
4) someone who has a motive for keeping her lips zipped.
We're just saying, you know, sqeeshy-squish!


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