Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Spineless liars

Larkin nails the GOP and its apologists:
On Sunday, an editorial in Blackwell's hometown newspaper, the Cincinnati Enquirer, said of Blackwell, "He has attempted to falsely smear Strickland as a supporter of child sex. He has used surrogates to suggest that Strickland, married for 18 years, is gay. Such tactics are blots on Blackwell's character, and he owes the state of Ohio an apology. Strickland is an honorable man who has served the state with integrity."

In the very next paragraph, the Enquirer endorsed Blackwell for governor, becoming the first big-city daily newspaper not to endorse Strickland. Blackwell's race to the bottom has vindicated those many thoughtful Republicans who have avoided any association with his campaign. Republicans with common sense - and there are a lot of them - have known for years that Blackwell cares about only one person. And now they know that Blackwell couldn't care less if his sleazy campaign brings down the entire Republican ticket. [emphasis added]
Larkin goes on to compare this year's governors race to the 1986 desperate effort by Jim Rhodes to rescue his campaign that was losing badly to Dick Celeste, and reflect on the GOP's character then and now.
But unlike 1986, not a single prominent Republican has had the courage to speak out against Blackwell's desperate attempts to suggest that Strickland condones child molestation, or his subtle questioning of Strickland's sexual preferences.

Blackwell's tactics might well push the entire Republican ticket over the edge. And if that happens because others whose names appear on that GOP sample ballot cower in silence, they'll all deserve what they get.


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