Thursday, October 12, 2006


Tiberi spew

With limited time, we at Hypothetically Speaking have had to ration our time in regard to which races we track. One race we wish we had more time for is the OH-12 contest between Bob Shamansky and incumbent Pat Tiberi.

Yesterday, one of the central Ohio NPR stations carried separate half-hour interviews with Tiberi and Shamansky and the Tiberi's remarks are truly dizzying. It's worth listening to get a sense of the verbal gymnastics, misdirection and lying Tiberi conjures up about Iraq, taxes, immigration, etc. is classic GOP talking points 101.

We have no idea what Shamansky's chances are against Tiberi, but dammit, we hope he kicks this little scum's ass. And if Tiberi isn't defeated in this cycle, the DCCC needs archive this interview and target the OH-12 in 2008.


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