Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Who do Ohioans trust - Pt II

We have a feeling this is going to be a breathtaking day for a number of reasons.

Two weeks ago we posted about the Rasmussen polling that showed which party Ohioans trusted on a number of major issues including the War on Terror, Iraq, Immigration, the Economy, and Taxes. In each case, according to Rasmussen, Ohioans asserted that it was the Democratic Party that they trusted more.

Today, the Univ. of Cincinnati's Ohio Poll provides added data confirming the same thing:

Poll chart

Spreads of over 20% are indeed jaw dropping, as is even a 9% spread on taxes.

And pessimism is widespread:
The latest Ohio Poll finds a large majority of Ohio likely voters rate Ohio economic conditions as “fair” or “poor” and many also see economic conditions worsening. Majorities also say Democrats will do a better job than Republicans in handling Ohio’s economy and creating jobs.

. . .

Likely voters were first asked their perception of economic conditions in Ohio. Two percent say economic conditions in Ohio are “excellent,” 17 percent say “good,” 43 percent say “fair” and 39 percent rate Ohio economic conditions as “poor.”

Large majorities of both Democrats (90%) and Republicans (73%) rate economic conditions in Ohio as “fair” or “poor”; however, Republicans are less negative about the economy overall than are Democrats.

When asked about the direction of Ohio’s economy, a large majority of likely voters also see the Ohio economy as “getting worse” (65%) as opposed to “getting better” (22%). An additional 12 percent of voters see the economy as staying about the same.

Majorities of both Democrats (75%) and Republicans (56%) see economic conditions in Ohio as “getting worse.”
Again, short of a major failure of the Ohio Dem's GOTV effort, Ohioans are going to send a very, very pointed message on Nov. 7.


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