Tuesday, November 21, 2006


The Bob and Tom show, continued

As we noted in our previous post about Bob Bennett's phony bluster about Tom Noe's sentencing, there are still an enormous number of questions that have got to be making the entire GOP establishment squirm. Especially with Marc Dann as AG.

The Blade's reporters get it. In spades.
Others suggest that they will answer the remaining big question: Did the Republican leaders of the state open the treasury to Noe because of his GOP cache?

State Sen. Marc Dann, the Youngstown-area Democrat who will take office in January as attorney general largely based on his vocal criticism of the state's rare-coin investment, said he plans to examine the origin of the coin deal, including "how it came about, how it was proposed, who made the decisions about the transfer of the money, and what pressure, if any, came from the governor's office."

. . .

Investigators said the final verdict in the "Coingate" scandal, as the Noe affair has been dubbed, has not been reached. They say others are being investigated and that state and federal charges likely will be filed against additional people.

Tom Wersell, head of the bureau's investigations' unit, said the task force first assembled to look into Noe is studying state laws to see what crimes may have been committed beyond those already identified.
And then there's the whole MCO political-corruption-cum-organized crime stew that's bubbling so hot that even the Taft's Inspector Clouseau, Tom Charles, has his bones rattled:
Mr. Charles said he has not been able to release a report on the Noe investigation because the federal-state probe into the bureau's investment practices is ongoing - and the investigation has expanded into whether politics played a role in bureau decisions in setting premium rates for certain employers.
So, until Bob Bennett starts supplying names and dates, its there any reason why this guy deserves any respect or credibility?

BTW - despite the disaster the Ohio GOP has turned into, we hear Bennett wants to stay and is telling everyone that the national GOP wants him to stay, too. Now that his mystique has been shattered, we say 'keep him on' - he'll make a great punching bag for the next two years.


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