Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Iraq: Pryce's greatest hits Vol. I

"Deborah Pryce stands with our troops.

No doubt, in her heart she and Laura believe that, but when Deb decided to run for Congress and become the #4 person, she also - like it or not - assumed responsibility and accountability for her actions. She was supposed to be a leader, not a rubberstamp. She was to be discerning and critical, not a zombie.

We ask readers to examine Pryce's own words, in historical order, and then decide if she "stands with the troops" in Iraq:
“Iraq continues to pose a serious and imminent threat from its development of weapons of mass destruction and the obvious potential for Iraq to transfer these weapons to terrorist groups . . [like] the Afghani people liberated from al Qaeda, the Iraqi people will rejoice if liberated from Saddam Hussein and his regime of terror.” 10/8/02

“The time for diplomacy has ended. The last sands have flowed through the hourglass of patience.” 3/17/03

“[R]espect the dignity and humanity of those soldiers who have been captured . . . Any individual who mistreats a prisoner of war will not be overlooked. They will be found. They will be prosecuted. Justice will be served.” 3/26/2003
“Failure is not an option.” 9/18/03

“One day in the near future, students will read this story in their history books – the story of liberation from an evil oppressor and the rise of a free and democratic nation.” 10/31/03

“Neither Iraq nor Afghanistan serves any longer as a home base for international terrorism, and this has made America safer.” 10/9/04

“What began with the will of a people and the fall of a statue has become a wave of change and the birth of democracy.” 1/30/05

“The terrorists are losing the war.” 5/5/05

“[A]rmchair quarterbacks in Washington are calling for us to cut-and-run from Iraq, just two years into the transformation of that country.” 6/24/05

"The War on Terror has led to additional, collateral developments in the region, adding to the safety and security of both the area and the United States.” 8/11/05

"[E]ach day, steady and tangible progress is being made on the political, security, and economic fronts, and each day the citizens of Iraq are one day closer to enjoying the protections inherent in a pluralistic, representative government . . . To all our collective relief, as Iraqi soldiers continue to assume more and more responsibility for the security efforts, American soldiers are kept out of harm’s way. . . As Iraqi citizens begin to experience the benefits and securities of a growing, stable economy, insurgents will find it continuingly more difficult to recruit additional rejectionists in their efforts to create fear and chaos in Iraq. . . We will accomplish our mission there, and history will look kindly on the liberties and freedoms we secured for our fellow man.”12/12/05

“[C]onsider the remarkable progress we have made in bringing democracy and hope to a nation that for its entire existence, has known nothing but oppression and aggression.” 10/7/06


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