Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Kilroy to play hardball with recount

Good for Mary Jo and her staff! Sounds like we'll have a lively fight to the end in OH-15, with the nation watching. From the Hannah Report (sub. req'd):
Facing a recount and 2,600 disputed provisional ballots, the campaign for Mary Jo Kilroy said Monday she was "ruling nothing out" in her ongoing battle for the 15th Congressional District.

That could include a possible court challenge, Campaign Manager Scott Kozar told Hannah News after the Franklin County Board of Elections named incumbent Republican Deborah Pryce the victor Monday morning.

. . .

Democrats said the electoral review was only just beginning. "It's basically election night at 2 a.m. - three weeks later. There's a lot to be resolved," said Kozar, pointing to thousands of ballots rejected in Democratic-leaning Franklin County. He said it was unclear how many registered voters were in the wrong precinct or otherwise disenfranchised. "That's all going to come in the coming days. There are probably a couple of categories, but we won't know until the recount is completed."

. . .

A number of questions around provisional voting have lain unresolved at the federal level since 2005, when Democrat John Kerry gave up on an election challenge in Ohio. Some states have elected to accept provisional ballots in the right county but the wrong precinct, while others have not. Ohio falls in the latter.

At the state level, the General Assembly has passed election reforms since the presidential election, though without Democratic support.

"It's the first time for a recount under HB3 (DeWine)," noted Kozar. "This is uncharted territory."


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