Wednesday, November 29, 2006


More on Strickland/Fisher and economic development

It's obviously early in the process, so we are still looking for hopeful signs. We found some in a recent Ohio Public Radio interview in which the duo seem to hit issues of high interest to us:

Link to education? Check.

Link to health care? Check.

Pursue a unique strategy? Check.

Establish public accountablity method? Check.

And, here are a few particular tea leaves that Fisher left in his cup for observeers to pick through. Sure, some of its rhetoric, but actually some of phrasing he uses are more or less code words that are meant to signal to experts where they intend to go:
Every state has its own unique, natural strengths. We will inventory those strengths and invest in those strengths. And make Ohio first in areas where we can attract the best and brightest talent and the best and brightest companies and workers from around the world and the country.

. . .

You cannot separate out primary and second and higher education from economic development and growth. So obviously we have a strong interest in making sure that every child in Ohio graduates not just with a certificate of graduation but with a certificate of skills that helps them succeed in the global market place, and helps them get the best possible job, preferably in Ohio, where they can raise a family and live here for the rest of their lives.

. . .

Gov. Strickland and I talked about creating an economic growth scorecard by which we can measure our progress and you can measure our progress.
Again, we think there are a lot of reasons to be hopeful.


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