Monday, November 20, 2006


Noe looking at 20+ years and perhaps $15 million

Okay, taxpayers will see little if any of the money (unless Fox and Judith Regan sign him to some media deal), but Noe is good for at least From the Blade:
Tom Noe, convicted last week on 29 charges for stealing from Ohio's $50 million rare-coin fund, was sentenced to 18 years in state prison and ordered to pay fines and restitution, by Judge Thomas Osowik this morning in Lucas County Courthouse.

The sentence is in addition to a 27-month federal sentence that was imposed in September for illegal laundering money to President Bush.

Noe was fined $213,000 by Judge Osowik and ordered to pay the cost of the prosecution, estimated at $2.5 million and ordered to pay restitution to the Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation, estimated at $13.7 million.

"You cooked the books ... it was an elaborate scheme," Judge Osowik said
before sentencing Noe.

Mr. Osowik said Noe's crimes were premeditated and he "continued to manipulate" the bureau until May 2005 - even after an internal auditor raised concerns about the coin funds.

The judge said Noe acted as if he had a "bottomless cup" of wealth, which was really backed by state money.
While, Eder and Wilkinson seem to make it pretty clear that Osowik was disgusted by Noe's schemes, the Dispatch's reporter assigned to the courtroom filed this different observation:
Although Osowik said the case was a “run-of-the mill embezzlement,” he ruled that Noe was in a position of public trust and stole form the state investment at “shockingly alarming rate.”
Were these guys at the same sentencing hearing? We weren't there, but it's hard to imagine that Osowik both said it was a run of the mill embezzlement and and elaborate scheme. Given that the Dispatch's post was written by Ohio's worst reporter, we've got a feeling that Eder and Wilkinson got the tone in the courtroom right.


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