Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Not biting the hand that feeds her?

The reader tips just keep rolling in:
A Franklin County judge has thrown out a lawsuit the Ohio Democratic Party filed against Secretary of State Ken Blackwell on Sept. 6, denying the party's request that the court order Blackwell to issue directives on how to alleviate congestion at polling places and assure the security of voting machines.

Judge Angela P. White denied the Democrats' request for a writ of mandamus today, saying she believes Blackwell has issued directives "which seemingly address (the party's) concerns."

With regard to anticipated congestion at the polls on Nov. 7, White wrote that Blackwell has issued a directive advising county boards of elections to be flexible about the so-called "five-minute rule," which informally allows a person five minutes to vote.
Was justice blind in this case, or just turning a blind eye to the history of voting in Ohio? Maybe this gives us a hint (please note this gig was held last week):

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