Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Voting roundup

We've been out working the neighborhoods since 4:30 am so there is a little catching up to do while we grab a bite to eat.

In the meantime, here some of what's going on:

In OH-2, from Justin Rood at TPM Cafe:
[Election Protection] volunteers and the EP hotline received widespread [reports] of voting machine problems leading to delays, as well as problems with confusion implementing the state’s photo ID requirement. Additionally, one polling place opened late because of an overnight break in. A local TV station aired footage of Congresswoman Jean Schmidt’s battle with an optical scan voting machine, which repeatedly rejected her ballot.
The Dispatch has a thread running with comments about peoples voting experiences - positive and negative. Share yours!

Also the Dispatch reports:
Franklin County's phone system was returned to service about 90 minutes after it collapsed today under a crush of calls from voters and poll workers.

. . .

Damschroder said the system could not handle the quantity of calls from voters needing help to figure out where to vote and from poll workers needing help figuring out how to set up new electronic machines.
The PD's Openers says 1 out of 14 polling stations are facing problems in Cuyahoga County:
More than 40 polling places in Cuyahoga County reported problems with some or all of their electronic voting machines this morning and had to revert to paper ballots to allow residents to vote, according to a spokesman from the county's Board of Elections.

Otherwise, there were no major problems at the 573 polling sites as they opened at 6:30 a.m., Alan Melamed said.
The Enquirer's Political Extra crew reports that Butler County officials are a little edgy:
A Butler County sheriff's deputy talks with Enquirer reporter Janice Morse outside the West Chester 41st precinct after she and photographer Tony Jones were asked to leave the polling place and not to take any photographs. Poll workers called the police and wanted the journalists arrested. Morse and Jones were later allowed in.
Here is the context to this problem:
Enquirer reporter Janice Morse and photographer Tony Jones were threatened with arrest this morning at a Butler County polling place, while attempting to photograph and interview Congressman John Boehner as he voted.

Boehner had told the media he would available for interviews this morning, but Jones and Morse were told by poll workers that they could not come in.
Also in southern Ohio, number of voters appears to be high:
Numbers are up and voting is steady, officials at the Bond Hill Recreation Center say. Michael Nichols, election official for precinct 7-H, said 91 voters had come through by 11:30 a.m., double what he would have expected. His theory on the increase? "I think they're just tired of the way things are, and they're trying to make a change."
And this is clearly incorrect:
Pat Esswein says she was astonished to learn that her military I.D. was not sufficient identification to vote. Luckily, she had another I.D. when she went to her polling place in Union Twp. "It's a real shame that poll workers will not accept a military I.D., which is a very secure form of identification, but they will take a phone bill!"


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