Monday, November 06, 2006


Words to wake up by

Hopefully many of you are going to bed early tonight to prepare for one final GOTV push.

When the alarm goes off and that exhausted part of your brain tries to talk the other part into staying in bed, remember that this is the crap we are fighting to put an end to, courtesy of Deb Pryce (note: we ran Pryce quotes on Iraq last week):
Health care
“Good things are happening to improve access to health care in Ohio and across the country.” 4/29/05

"As we celebrate Medicare’s 40th birthday next week, the drug benefit represents a monumental step in an historic year.” 7/22/05

“For a decade now, scores of candidates and politicians have promised help to seniors with the high costs of prescription drugs; this Congress delivered on that promise.” 10/28/05

“Clearly, America’s seniors get it – they are enjoying significant savings on their much-needed prescription medications and are signing up for the program in droves.” 3/24/06

“[T]he new Medicare prescription drug benefit is a tremendous success.” 6/30/06

“And as evidenced by this week’s exciting economic news, the tax cuts that Congress passed this year translate real, solid economic relief.” 11/26/2003

“The final piece of our economic recovery is starting to fall into place. . . further proof that the economy and the American workforce are growing stronger every day. While today’s announcement is tremendous news for thousands of families, Republicans will not stop until every American looking for work finds it.” 11/7/03

“Our economy is as strong as it’s been since 2000, before the terror attacks that crippled it.” 1/30/04

“Ohio’s economy continues to rebound.” 3/25/04

“This recovery is well underway.” 5/7/04

"Once again, Congress and President Bush have enacted common sense legislation that will improve our economy."

"There's a lot of good to say about Ohio's economy." 5/20/05

“America’s economy is strong and getting stronger. In contrast to the doom-and-gloomers, House Republicans have had faith in the American people’s ability to grow our economy and are looking to the future with confidence.” 7/13/2005

“By any objective measure, our nation’s economy is strong and growing stronger. . . Naturally, I understand that the rising economic tide has not lifted all boats, and that some families are still concerned for their economic security.” 12/2/05

“This holiday season, I encourage everyone to do their part to drive our economy by shopping.” 12/2/05

“The evidence is in,” Pryce said. “Republican economic policies are working, and so are the American people.” 3/10/06

“April showers don’t just bring May flowers; they bring jobs,” Pryce said. “This is tremendous news for Ohio, and further evidence that Republican economic policies are working.” 5/19/06

“In perhaps the largest coordination of federal response efforts in our nation’s history, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is attempting to choreograph a comprehensive effort involving nearly every federal agency to assist the victims, clean up and rebuild the area, and help people get back on their feet.” 9/2/05

"America’s unwavering sense of humanity will pull us through this crisis, and we will become stronger and more unified in the end.” 9/2/05

On 9/2/05, Pryce suggested that people who wanted to donated assistance to Katrina victims make their donations through Pat Robertson’s Operation Blessing.

National Security
“In an urgent call to action following the unprecedented attack of 9/11, President Bush asked Congress to work together and take the necessary steps to protect and defend America. Two years later, our report card of results is clear: success across the board." 9/10/03

"Every day, we get hundreds and hundreds of phone calls, e-mails, letters objecting to [Dubai Ports World deal]," House Republican Conference Chairman Deborah Pryce (Ohio) said yesterday on CNBC. "And you just can't buck that when there's that much public [sentiment] and objection to it. Whether it's right or wrong, this is sort of a lose-lose now." 3/9/06

“Ohio doesn’t have any ports.” “3/1/06

“House Republicans have built a record of action on national security issues, supporting our military, providing for a strong national defense, and aggressively prosecuting the war on terror,” 3/16/06

“It was the newly elected Republican leadership that made Congress more accountable, more effective, and restored public faith in an institution replete with scandal and corruption.” 3/16/06


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