Friday, December 01, 2006


Sugarcoated failures

Apparently the some in the steno pool are going to let Bruce Johnson depart in honor, despite the near-consensus that Ohio economy is virtually directionless.
Johnson counts to his credit the attraction of more than 823 successful economic development projects that have generated nearly $10.6 billion in new investment in the state, retained 159,315 positions and created 64,235 jobs.
Taft also sings the high hosannas for Johnson's efforts:
"Lieutenant Governor Johnson played a pivotal role in transforming Ohio's economic development strategy and has effectively positioned the state to attract business investment in the future."
In fact, during his tenure, Ohio has sustained a net job lost of over 150,000 jobs including over 193,000 in manufacturing, has seen demands for food assitance rise by over 50%, and has earned itself and "F" for high education affordability (just to name a few metrics).

At least Johnson admits to what tune he was fiddling instead of doing his job:
"I'm proud of the many accomplishments we've made to improve Ohio's economy, including lawsuit and tax reform, which are making a tremendous positive impact on the state's business climate."
So, there you have it. Johnson's accomplishments for the last 5 years: less consumer protection and phoney tax reform. If we had another five years of this "positive impact" and some guy named Borat might be making a movie about us.

Good riddance, Bruce.


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