Thursday, June 22, 2006


"Incapable of avoiding controversy" [Updated]

PD editors weigh in on Kenny Blackwell's latest:
Questionable past decisions regarding voting protocols have made him a national lightning rod for those who see unseemly partisanship in his every move. But for whatever reason, Blackwell simply seems incapable of avoiding controversy.

After Democrats cried foul, officials in the secretary of state's office moved quickly to update technology, allowing voter registration documents to be filled out online - technology that Blackwell's campaign for governor was already using. One can only question why Blackwell would provide unregistered voters visiting his campaign site an easier go at it than those visiting the site of his current office.
[Update] and more of Kenny's magical attraction to controversy.
Secretary of State Ken Blackwell, the Republican nominee for governor, has no plans to return the $300 contributed by the brokers to his campaigns in the mid 1990s, when he was state treasurer.

His spokesman, Carlo LoParo, said the contributions were "legally given and legally accepted"
Seems like Kenny's "character" and "values" veneer is wearing thinner every day.



It's the place to be this weekend. Lot's of political booths, volunteer opportunities, great free music. Gazillion stages. Cold beer. How can anyone resist?


We''ll be doing a little catch-up today

We apologize about the lack of posts but have been side-tracked by other projects. Next week we promise to be more productive.

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