Wednesday, July 05, 2006


GOP tries to rally Ohioans against maximum wage restrictions

Citing his party's heart-felt compassion for the economic devastation being wreaked across neighborhoods as diverse as Centerville, New Albany and Shaker Heights by ballooning country club initiation fees, Lexus SC leases and jet fractional-ownerships, Ohio Speaker of the House of Representatives Jon Husted has promised a thorough hearing into a proposal that would finally lift the maximum "wage" restrictions for many buckeye state families who make over $100,000 a year.
"For over a decade, the tiny sect of Democrats in the Statehouse have kept a mighty political stranglehold on our ability to bring needed relief to these devastated communities," said the GOP leader.
Weeping, Husted said:
"We offered tax reform. They said no."
Husted said many of Ohio's wealthy had grown frantic and weary of depending on their quarterly dividends. Some were so desparate that they had resorted to pedatory lending to cover their monthly condo maintenance fees in Naples.

He said he hoped to wrap up the hearings by Nov. 8, 2006.

Unless he needs it as an issue again in 2008.

Monday, July 03, 2006


$45,400 - 5 - 4 and . . . 1???

Drew Crew asks, what's up with this?
Despite evidence that Noe used more than two dozen people to help him multiply his political giving, only former Taft aide Doug Talbott has paid the price. He admitted last year to taking Noe money and contributing it to three Ohio Supreme Court justices.
OCA's Turcer has an idea:
Catherine Turcer, legislative director for Ohio Citizen Action, said the decision to not charge the federal conduits or Ms. Perz for being a state conduit "is about people passing the buck, so to speak."

"We let them off the hook, which then makes one wonder whether using conduits is so commonplace. It won't stop being ordinary or common if they don't do more than slap them on the wrist. How do you stop this illicit, illegal, and inappropriate conduct if they give them a pass every time?" she said.But critics wonder if more could have been discovered, if more questions about politics and fund-raising could have been answered.

. . .

Ms. Turcer, the legislative director of Ohio Citizen Action, said the lack of charges against conduits - on the federal and state level - is a failure of the system.

"It is astonishingly painful to imagine that this kind of monkey business is happening and the judicial system does not seem to care," she said.
The Blade reporters also report a fairly lame defense of the lack of charges:
Ms. Perz invoked her Fifth Amendment rights "on more than one occasion,'' said David Freel, executive director of the Ethics Commission. She also would not consent to a sworn interview, Mr. Nick said.
She may have refused a sworn interview with the Ethics Commission, but didn't she and her daughter testify before a grand jury? Wouldn't Freel or someone else on the investigation panel have access to a transcript of her testimony?


DeWine: Still Soc. Security weasel?

Josh Marshall has posted a request for help in compiling information about all congressional candidates' position on Social Security. Please help out.

In addition, he reminds us that Sen. Mikey's stance for the last 18 months has had the firmness of a bowl of jello left out in the hot July sun.

Sunday, July 02, 2006


Sunday basil blogging

These guys are so cute - and no litter box to clean! Pestopalooza '06 starts next weekend.



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